The Most Important Tricks for App Keyword Optimization

App Keyword Optimization is one of the most important details for App Developers. To increase the popularity and have more downloads you must find the best keywords. But how? As an App Developer, knowing the tips to identify the most successful keywords will lead to success. So, let's take a closer look at what awaits you about keyword optimization, which is one of the most important ASO-related works! Here's what you need to know about keyword optimization!

Related Keywords

When using the ASO Analysis Engine, you want to find new keywords using certain keywords. When you type a word in the search bar, the ASO tool gives you suggestions with the autofill feature. These suggestions are a very valuable method for finding the right keywords. On the other hand, you should remember that you can achieve the most successful results by using related keywords. Because related keywords increase your success by affecting the words you target.


Popularity is a metric that shows how much a keyword is preferred by users. It is possible to achieve 99 percentage success in keyword selection with popularity, which provides 100 percentage consistency in the light of the data provided by App Markets. So, what level of keywords should I prefer when evaluating a popularity rating?

When evaluating a popularity rating, the keyword must have received a minimum value of ‘30’. Keywords with a value of 30 are options that are directly preferred by App users. As the value increases, the interest of users increases even more. However, it should also be remembered that the closer the value approaches 100, the higher the keyword competition will increase.


Volume means Keyword Search Volume on App Markets. This, in turn, manages to show how intensively users prefer a keyword. The most important value to be considered when evaluating Volume is 4605 and above. Keywords with a volume below 4605 are options that are not recommended for use in App Marketing. Because using keywords that users prefer very little will significantly reduce the efficiency of marketing efforts.

Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty refers to the difficulty of ranking in the top 5 in keyword-related searches. For this reason, the more Keyword Difficulty, the more difficult it is to achieve success in the keyword. Expressed in values between 0 and 100, KD means that the closer you get to 100, the greater the difficulty of that keyword. So, what is the preferred KD level for successful App Marketing?

If you want to get in the top 5 places, choosing keywords with a low KD value will cause you to spend less effort. However, the volumes of keywords with a low KD value are also low. Here it is necessary to take an important decision. If you want to achieve success in App Marketing and perform keyword optimization, you should choose the ones whose value is medium and high. Thanks to this, you will be able to compete with your competitors. However, as an App Developer, you will have to do a lot of intensive work on this issue. Otherwise, it will be a dream to be in the top 5 in keywords with a high KD value.

ASO Analysis and App Keyword Optimization

App Keyword Optimization is very hard. If you do not have much experience in this matter, you will face many problems. But do not worry. As Apptargets, we inform you about keyword optimization and share the tricks. This guide will help you to start optimization. For more detailed optimization you have to use ASO Analysis Tool and analyze your competitors.