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AI powered replies

AI-Powered Replies

Our AI-driven review reply system crafts unique, personalized, and human-like responses, tailored to delight your users while efficiently saving you precious hours each week. With a simple process of generating, reviewing, and optional editing, you're ready to hit send and impress.

  • Reply your reviews by using AI
  • Personalized touch in every review reply
  • Replies crafter for mood of reviewer
  • Effortless and Tailored Interaction Responses
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Review Reply Templates

Typedive provides with ready-to-use templates when responding to reviews, eliminating the need to rewrite the same responses repeatedly. These templates can be customized to add a personal touch and streamline the process of replying to reviews. With this feature, responding to reviews becomes effortless and tailored to each interaction.

  • Ready to use success-proven templates
  • Create or edit your own templates
  • Reply by using your users' language
  • Effortless and Tailored Interaction Responses
automatic review responses

Automatic Review Responses

Easily respond to customer reviews with either AI-generated responses or your own customized templates. Set rules based on criteria such as star ratings, sentiments, language, etc., and allow Typedive to automatically reply to reviews that meet each rule. Experience the ultimate time-saving automation for customer service.

  • Seamless Auto-Responses
  • Criteria-Based Automated Replies
  • Effortless User Review Replies
  • Time-Saving User Support