Common App Store Optimization (ASO) Myths

Mobile applications have become one of the most important elements of daily life. At this point, while there are so many applications today, various strategic plans must be realized to be noticed among so many applications. At this point, we can express common App Store Optimization (ASO) myths, as follows.

1.Paid App Marketing Works Better Than App Store Optimization

This belief is completely wrong. It cannot be said that paid application marketing works much better than ASO. Paid mobile advertising activities are extremely important for the growth of mobile applications. However, when clicked together with the appearance of the application advertisement, the application store is shown as the last step before downloading. At this point, ASO is needed to convert from the store login view to download.

2.Keywords Don't Matter in Mobile Applications

After creating a powerful application that will attract the attention of users, and facilitate their work, you must work diligently so that your application can reach users. You can promote your application by advertising your application on different channels, but we can say that reaching the users who are looking for you in the application store is the first step of the promotion process. At this point, the keywords you use to make your application easy to find in the store have a big impact.

You can do the initial work yourself to be able to identify the right keywords for your application. To do this, you can first start creating your keyword list by writing the most specific words related to your application. Try to add all the words that come to your mind to your list by thinking about the parts of your application, the benefits it provides, and where and how it can be used. With this method, each word that comes to mind can take you to different words through associations, and your list can be longer than you guessed.

3.Localization Is About Translating Keywords

Putting your existing keywords with different metadata through Google translate does not give effective results in the long run. Localizing your app and app store login takes time and effort. People are making searches in the application stores in their native language. Therefore, the download rates of applications offered in different languages are much higher. In addition, it is very important to conduct research with cultural references and make appropriate preferences for your target audience.

To have a well-localized app store listing, you need to research cultural references and make sure that you are aligned with the different preferences of your target audience.

4.App Store Optimization Is a One-Time

App Store Optimization is never a one-time thing. It is a process that needs to be constantly updated as the application grows. You need to update the keywords found in your login in the application store 1 time per month. You should never change your brand name unless you go through a rebranding process. However, if the title of your application contains other public keywords, you should change them frequently. Let's learn more about App Store Optimization