App Marketing Strategy Guide

Mobile apps are positioned in the middle of our behavior in the mobile world as a big part of our lives. Looking at the first quarter of 2022, we see that the world of mobile apps, which has grown more than expected in the last three years, has spread to all areas of our lives, from shopping, communication, and entertainment, to health. Although the number of mobile app downloads has been steadily increasing since 2019, statistics show that 230 billion mobile apps were downloaded by users worldwide last year. In this case, what should our app marketing strategy guide be like?

ASO (App Store Optimization)

It is an important issue for websites to take their place in the first places in search engines such as Google, and Yandex. As you know, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play here. How your website ranks higher in search engines with the principle of being useful to the user to get in and out of the site if you need to perform SEO work for your app, which we can also call the app in the search engine in the app stores (App Store, Google Play, etc) to come to the forefront in searches, ASO studies should be performed to be able to take your place in the top ranks. Although the app optimization studies of each app store differ, they are based on similar principles.

Landing Page

The question of why a website is needed for an app may be looming in your mind. But if a user who hears or sees your app searches for your app on search engines from the desktop, nothing about it will cause a negative perception in front of the user. For this reason, having a landing page describing your app is an important point in your app marketing steps.


We can say that Firebase will enter your life with your stepping into the app world. Firebase is a platform made available free of charge by Google that allows you to perform app management and tracking, and send various notifications to your users. 

Social Media

For an app in the mobile world, social media is one of the marketing channels that should be included in it. Considering the number of time users spend on social media, social media channels are one of the most important platforms for your app and your target audience to meet.

To take part in social media, you should first determine which social media channel is more important for your app. After determining which channels your target audience is active on, start carrying out your work by focusing on that channel.