6 Reasons It's Important for ASO Experts to Work with Reviews

In this article, we have listed 6 reasons why an ASO expert needs to work with reviews. An effective study on reviews will allow you to easily provide solutions to the problems you encounter.

Working with reviews impacts installs and increases the conversion rate per install

One of the first goals of ASO is to increase the number of installs and conversion to installs. Application rating is the most influential factor in conversion. ASO experts need to pay attention to app ratings if they have the purpose of increasing the number of installs. App ratings are based on app reviews. Therefore, it is very important to work with reviews.

Ratings and reviews have become an important part of ASO, as they affect both the algorithm and user conversion. Ratings appear frequently, especially through users. Reviews are also an excellent resource for users' expectations and satisfaction.

The number of reviews on app locations in search matters

The location of the app in terms of keywords is an important factor that ASO experts should work on. The number of reviews can affect app locations, especially for new apps.

App rating also affects the number of installs. Install count is one of the main considerations affecting app locations in search. Therefore, ASO experts need to work carefully on app ratings and reviews to improve app ranking.

Reviews and responses are indexed by the Google Play algorithm.

• App positions should strengthen in Google Play search for keywords used in the title or description.

• Ranking should be started for keywords that cannot be added to the metadata.

• Positions should be requested for branded keywords.

• It should be noted that keywords in responses to reviews have a low impact on indexing on Google Play. Otherwise, some positions can be claimed using them.

Working with reviews in small firms is one of the duties of ASO specialists.

In some cases, apps get several reviews in a day or a week from the App Store and Google Play. Therefore, there will be no need to employ experts who will only work with investigations within the company. In such matters, ASO experts can work with reviews on the App Store and Google Play.

In companies that receive numerous reviews, Customer Support managers are generally concerned with reviews. However, in some processes, they cooperate with ASO experts. They even prefer the same platform for their work.

ASO experts can come up with new ideas for changes to text metadata with the review analysis method.

Sometimes you have the opportunity to learn the best features of your application from the users, not from your product team. For example; In the positive reviews, many users can say that they like a few features of the app. You can increase our conversion by testing the thought of putting these features in screenshots of the app.

ASO experts need to analyze reviews to quickly understand the competitor's spam attack.

If spam attacks from competitors go unnoticed, your score may drop in a few days. Your app position may appear lower for keywords in search because ranking also affects the score. Therefore, it is very important for ASO experts to detect the attack promptly and to prevent the rating drop.

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