What is the best way to monitor app reviews?

Mobile applications, as an integral part of our digital world, have a prominent place in the life cycle of all individuals. The fact that mobile applications are on the rise daily continues to provide advantages in everything, such as responding to requirements that change every second. As a result, monitoring and managing app store reviews is one of the essential parts of this process. Therefore, users and app developers are curious about ratings and reviews and want to be informed.

Why are reviews on the App Store and Play Store so critical?

Having good practice reviews and responses always increases the vision of the practices. At the same time, answering questions about the app is also very important. Sometimes, many users need to consider downloading mobile apps that do not do well enough in reviews. Therefore, app markets such as Google Play Store and App Store do not prefer to place apps with bad reviews in the first place. The fact that individuals download apps that they think are successful and functional also contributes to the increase in the success of the app day by day. Hence, there is a need for careful process management regarding app store reviews, characterized as a measure of success. In this context, you can increase the success of your app day by day by monitoring your app reviews using a single application through Typedive.

App Reviews Affect Your App Store Ranking.

We need not only positive reviews but also a large number of reviews. Reviews also influence your user acquisition process. Your Google Play and App Store reviews significantly impact your app store ranking. And why is that?

For example, imagine you are Google or Apple. You want to favor the best services for your users. By highlighting a low-rated or poorly-rated service, you are telling your users that you are ignoring the quality of the services or products in your store. This is how the Google Play and Apple Store algorithms define this process. Therefore, gaining a steady stream of positive reviews should be essential to your App Store Optimization strategy. At the same time, when your app earns good reviews, you are more likely to be featured on Google Play and the App Store.

App Reviews will play a role in the branding of your app.

Another reason why app reviews are so critical is that they contribute significantly to your app brand. New users will trust your brand more quickly if your app receives positive feedback. In short, your existing users provide positive social proof for your app.

4 Tips for App Store Review Management

You should check the famous words.

Since topic analyses do not need to be app-specific, careful research on famous words can help you determine the layout of your app-specific review content. By grouping your reviews by keywords, you will reach popular positive keywords that appeal to various audience groups. Negative keywords will identify the parts of the app that need improvement. If this process is done manually, the process may be error-prone. In this context, you can prefer Typedive' single application.

Only determine the popularized topic ranges by finding them.

It is standard for every individual to be affected by novelty bias. Usually, each of us is indexed to the most recent problems we have experienced. You can eliminate discrimination by automatically grouping reviews by topics. This gives you clear insights into which topics are popular and how they positively impact the user.

By categorizing comments under topics, you can have information about which features your users like or dislike the most about your product. By knowing the features your users are most satisfied with in the application, you can double your success or draw your roadmap to fix serious mistakes.

You Should Check for Bugs, Crashes, and Performance Reviews.

Reviews are an excellent clue for developers to learn about bugs. In the context of bugs, reviews identify areas that generally affect the user experience. Categorizing topics and words will play a role in determining what should be addressed first in terms of inclusion in this list.

You Shouldn't Ignore Your Users' One-Star Reviews.

One-star reviews are an excellent opportunity for improvement, especially if you filter out reviews that are longer than five words. Overall, these reviews provide essential insights into areas that must be addressed to improve the user experience.

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