The Importance of User Reviews for ASO

The increase in mobile usage has also enabled mobile applications to increase and diversify. Mobile applications that are trying to stand out in the competitive environment need innovation and optimization by new technologies.

App Store Optimization is one of them. It is known as ASO for short. They are optimization processes that are carried out to gain visibility and increase conversions by placing applications in higher rankings in places such as the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Users install applications by searching for them directly or by using the relevant keywords in the application store. It is known that the proportion of applications searched by keyword is 63 percent for iOS and 58 percent for Android. In light of analytical data, concrete optimizations are the most important factor affecting the number of downloads and the future of applications. In order for applications developed with significant investments to have a long life, to reach large audiences, and to receive full marks from the target audience, it is always necessary to take the Importance of user reviews for ASO into consideration.

Are User Reviews Important For ASO?

Factors that we do not have direct control over at ASO are also important: the download figures of the application, the user reviews it receives, and the score. At this point, it is very critical to collect high scores, especially from users who have downloaded the application. In addition, under 'factors that we do not have directly', we can also count the sharing rates of the application for Google Play on social networks. Given all this, we can talk about how important comments, i.e. user evaluations, are in ASO strategies. Of course, not only user reviews affect ASO strategies. The success of this strategy;

  • Name of the application
  • Description text of the application
  • Application logo
  • Application video
  • Application publisher's brand
  • Specially prepared screenshots of the application
  • Elements such as keywords are included.

In ASO, which has a similar infrastructure to SEO studies, it is very important to follow the performance of these metrics and competitors professionally.

How Do Negative User Reviews Affect ASO?

Negative user reviews are a condition that negatively affects the download rates of applications. Just as when you want to buy a product, negative comments prevent you from downloading that product, it also causes a decrease in app downloads in the App Store. At this point, the more positive comments the application has, the more download rates it will have.

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