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Review Monitoring

Monitor and analyze reviews for both your app and competitors'


Reply to Reviews

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Review Translation

Easily translate reviews for both your app and competitors'

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Sentiment Analysis

Understand what your users are looking for


Read the minds of your users

Our platform offers Customer Experience Management (CXM) solutions, including valuable insights through review rating analysis, to understand user sentiments towards your app.


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Insightful management for memorable experiences!

Typedive offers superior review management, analysis, and response, saving teams time. With advanced sentiment tracking and enhanced user satisfaction, it's the ultimate solution for businesses in today's competitive market.

Typedive facilitates effective customer experience management, empowering businesses to elevate their overall user journey and foster loyalty.

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Enhance your App's reputation and manage reviews with ease!

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Review Monitoring

'Review Monitoring' is your all-in-one solution for monitoring, analyzing, and responding to user reviews from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Keep your finger on the pulse of user sentiment and drive your app's success with actionable insights.

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Real-Time monitoring

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Multilingual support

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Competitive analysis

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Reply to Reviews

Capture critical reviews instantly and respond swiftly! While our AI-powered system prepares personalized and human-like responses, you can sit back and watch the ratings rise.

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Smart, AI driven responses to user reviews

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Tailored replies with custom reply templates

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Quick insights from user feedback for better app development

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Keyword and Sentiment Analysis

Our Keyword and Sentiment Analysis tool, powered by AI with 95% accuracy, is designed to help you understand the emotional tone and key themes in user reviews, enabling you to respond effectively.

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Emotion recognition

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Keyword extraction

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Data-driven insights

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“Security is paramount in our apps. Typedive not only helped us reach our audience but also ensured that our users are protected with advanced security measures.”

Nathan G.

App Security Analyst

“App ratings impact discoverability. Typedive's review and rating tracking features allowed us to strategically manage and enhance our app's rating, resulting in increased visibility.”

Sienna J.

App Rating Strategist

“User feedback is gold, especially in reviews. Typedive's tracking features helped us organize and utilize user feedback to continuously improve our app and user satisfaction.”

Zara W.

App User Feedback Coordinator

“Educational apps require a unique approach. Typedive's insights helped us tailor our content to specific demographics, making learning more accessible and enjoyable.”

Lily M.

Educational App Producer

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